Where is the authenticity ? - Sunday column.


I just sat in the car and casually heared that moderators of a radio show making fun about the blogger world – nothing new! I listen and notice how my mood changes. Prejudiced, I think, it is only something about blogging and that isn’t really a profession.

But thought wrong – it’s about a ranking list of the most ridiculous Instagram advertising photos. Of course this is just perfect to make fun of the influencers of this world. But I also slowly realize how much it annoys me to see these incoherent advertising photos – where is the authenticity?
First place of the radio’s blogger ranking is a photo on which an influencer advertises a hair dryer – first of all, it doesn’t matter because we all use this product for hair styling. The only question is why this blogger holds his hair dryer into the camera on the square in front of the Milan Cathedral and the pigeons fly with excitement. Is there a plug socket? Do you also always drive to Milan Cathedral to blow your hair?
I’m really a big fan of beautiful pictures – I really am, but a picture should always make sense. Especially when we use this picture to promote a product.

Over the past few months, I’ve seen really bad pictures on Instagram. Toothbrushes were advertised on the sofa under a blanket, products are kept uselessly in the camera without telling a story and fashion bloggers have recently become promotional ambassadors for toiletries. Where did the authenticity go?
Surely it’s nice to make money with the blogger thing or the influence on Instagram, but at all cost? The real purpose of blogging for me is lost! I am ashamed to see these senseless pictures and wonder where the storytelling has remained?

Implementing images with a story is passion and creativity – the pictures should tell a story that conveys our values ​​and attitudes – but in an authentic way. Advertising for a product is in this case not the problem, but the implementation of advertising. Authenticity is what makes us bloggers and influencers, but if we put the authenticity down just to make a little more money, no wonder why the rest of the world is mocking it.

Originally, Instagram was a place of inspiration and creativity – but 50 percent of the images are badly staged commercials. Please be like you are and stay true to yourself! #plsbemoreauthentic
Are you even annoyed by this non-existent authenticity or are you team # iftheyarebeautifulpicturesitdosentmatter?

xo, Cherifa