Valentine's Day - some personal thoughts.

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For all the lovers out there – Valentine’s Day is around the corner! Some loathe this day, others love it and can’t wait to celebrate it. I belong to the team #valentinesdaylover – because I like to give the love an extra day of appreciation. Of course that doesn’t mean that I would need an extra day to show my love. I do that for the rest of the year, but I still like the idea of ​​giving her an extra helping.

For me Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean a bouquet of roses in the morning, a romantic declaration of love and a candlelight dinner in the evening. Because celebrating the day of love means something different for every human being. We don’t have to be dictated that it’s all about expensive gifts and bragging.

“I’ve been wanting to watch the Sissi Trilogy for a long time” – and your better half is preparing the perfect “we and our bed love affair day“ to watch it.
Being in love, it’s about appreciating the other person and knowing them like your own pocket. #truelove

I don’t want to deny not to be pleased with a little attention would be a lie! But I don’t need jewelry or a sumptuous dinner in the evening – beautiful things are that will be remembered. “I’ve always wanted to try this dim sum shop on the corner” – and the food of this dim sum shop is on the table in the evening.

my perfect way to spend valentines day

If it’s up to me – my Valentine’s Day would look like this – a cuddly sweater, my sweet Valentine socks from Falke and a cozy day in bed. With the first sunbeams a breakfast in bed, which would be only perfect with meat buns – yes it isn’t romantic but meat buns are my weakness. Then my beloved Sissi trilogy for the right dose of romance and sushi from the delivery service. Basically very unspectacular, but still personal, comfortable and completely to my liking. Are you in the team #valentinesdaylover or you just skip this day?

xo, Cherifa

*in lovely cooperation with Falke