tattoo review - my first experience.

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2018 – i’m tattooed.
Yes it’s true – I had the honor to make an appointment with my favorite tattoo artist. Jakub Nowicz is known among people from hamburg and also internationally for his incredibly beautiful fine-line tattoos. He does extraordinary designs and makes every ink a special keepsake.

I really thought about getting tattooed for years. It has always irritated me and I think it’s just incredibly beautiful. But marking your own body for eternity is, of course, a decision that should be well considered. I never let go of my desire and so it would become reality faster than I thought.
On Instagram I saw that Jakub hab appointments for his studio in Hamburg for a few hours. Faster than I could see, my application mail was sent.
To be honest, I did not have high hopes, as I have heard from many who have been rejected. But one day later it was there – the accept!
I can’t describe how much I was happy. But at the same time, I also got a huge fear. Since I faint regularly with vaccinations and syringes, I have great respect for needles.
But before there was one big question – which tattoo and where? The spot has been stuck for a long time – it should be the left rib and a simple lettering.
I’ve been thinking a long time about what word should be on my body forever – it’s create.
But why? It should be a word that describes me and at the same time should be a motto to me.
create – create the person you want to be and create the life you want to live.


And then it was my time – the 11.01.2018! I was shaking and excited like a little kid. But I can reassure you – Jakub is a very likeable person and has really did it wonderful. I had no pain and it took only 25 minutes.
I went out of the session with super positive thoughts and think about which tattoo comes next.
As a tattoo artist I can really recommend him and kindly encourage you to get a tattoo form him.
Now, three weeks later, I’m still completely satisfied – the lines are clear and I had no trouble healing. No crust, pain and no discomfort. I am just overjoyed and happy about my great accessory for life.