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Sunday talk - goals? goals!

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They say you should set your goals high! Is that correct? To a certain extent in any case, because those who strive for nothing, can’t fulfill wishes and make more of his life. But still you should always think carefully how high you set these goals – sunday talk, let’s talk about goals.

But easier said than done. I have often set myself goals that were simply impossible to achieve in my desired period. Pure demotivation, but you learn from your mistakes and now I start anew. My goals are the same, but I take a little more time to work on it more intensively.

If you do not reach your goals, you are frustrated and unhappy. Does this really have to be? I don’t think so. You should orient yourself step by step and share your big goal in small steps. So the frustration stays out and you enjoys again and again success experiences. And is there any better motivational kicks than small achievements? I do not think so! If I manage a small intermediate step, I am always very happy and could tear out trees in the truest sense. Immediately I set off and continue to work on my dreams.

Through my new studies, I’m trying to achieve two big goals at the same time and I’m terribly pressured. But the longer I engage with my thoughts on sunday talk, the more I realize that I should think carefully what makes me happy. And spend my time with it. I read the book „The why are  you here Cafe” on vacation and had a lot of time to think … sounds cheesy? Maybe it’s a bit too, but when I’m doing more things that I really love, giving goals is not too tiring. It’s always what I love. I’ve thought about what I really want – I want to spend more time on my blog, because that’s what I enjoy, more travel, as it intensifies me and enjoy more beautiful moments. And I’m thanking that I’m spinning my next goals. Sounds good right? What are your experiences of achieving goals?

xx, Cherifa