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summer street style - i can only talk yellow.

what i wear

In Germany I continue to fancy color and summery vibes. The trend color yellow always falls into my hands again and again, as soon as I open my wardrobe. How to beat the heat wave? Wear a summer street style in yellow! It’s incredibly hot and I’m starting to mimic the sunflowers. From today I dress only in yellow! No, I could not do that, but for the next few days a summer street style ala sunflower is just the right thing.

 Yeah, it’s just my favorite variant. But even in combination with red, white or beige makes the yellow something special. Yellow makes our tanned complexion shimmer in an incredible glow and above all, it conjures a healthy blush in the face. Who does not want to look fresh and relaxed in this heat?

Especially for evening drinks at sunset, the color is just about everything I need.

I prefer to wear the warm tone as an all-over combination, who would have thought that?

trend it up with yellow.

And if it stays that hot, we’ll simply radiate in our sunflower look to bet the sun.

ciao, Cherifa