Three more days left and the feast of love is upon us. Anyone who follows me a little longer knows that I am a total Christmas lover. No, it’s not about the presents I get, it’s the gift giving, the joy, the lavish Christmas dinner, and above all a unique look that makes Christmas a highlight. Every year, the festival is under a new motto and I prefer it from wrapping paper above decoration to my look – silver highlights for Christmas.

The motto leaves me with unimagined possibilities and I can really let off steam this year. Of course, while the planning of the Christmas Dinners will be completed today I already know for a long time what I will wear this evening. Silver highlights is the motto – so let us be sparkle! But one thing we should remember, we celebrate the party with our family, so it should be elegant and classic despite the glittering theme. So how do we get the right mix of highlight and elegance? I put on minimal accent with great effect – my cosmic tights by Falke meets my demands with class. The fine, silky tights provide a wow effect and give my legs a soft, silvery sheen. The shine is complemented by a silver metallic blazer that conveys a clear line. The highlight would be set, but how do we get the right touch of elegance? Classic colors and elegant cuts are the solution! A short black jumpsuit to not stealing my tights the highlighting effect and a classic black turtleneck body from Falke. Elegance meets silver highlights and we’re ready for the festival of the year. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.

Cheers. Cherifa

cosmic tight – Falke || here 

body – Falke || here

*in lovely and festive cooperation with Falke