red color crush





red color crush - sometimes you need a bit fire.

what i wear

My tired eyes need a color explosion again. And this time not only a bright color is enough, I also put on vinyl! Too daring for everyday life? No I do not think so! Even in everyday life, it can sometimes be a bit extravagant – red color crush.

But now also a combination of two vinyl parts? If so, yes! One vinyl part is a real eye-catcher and you focus on the garment. But if you wear a two-parter in vinyl, the entire look is not bold, but gets a statement.

"wear red color crush and be a cool kid"

So that it is not disreputable, some simple clothes are needed. They bring quietness to the outfit and make it suitable for everyday use.

Who can not use a little vinyl in everyday life? Are you convinced or is paint still a taboo for you?

I like to grab a classic striped blouse in such a case, it gives the right touch simplicity. Instead of boots or heels, we resort to clean, white sneakers. This makes it casual and cool, despite red color crush and vinyl. 

xx, Cherifa