recap serbia - time out and enjoying myself.


Back here – yes I’m back after my seven-day break! First I thought that I have to apologize for the little break, but should I do that? I do not think so – after all, everyone has earned a week’s holiday from work. And I had not disappeared from the scene. For my vacation, I decided to keep you informed only on Instagram, because I just wanted to use my time for myself – recap Serbia.

In my whole stress before the semester break, I have completely forgotten how nice it is just to sit with the family in the kitchen for hours, to eat together and to philosophize about life. Just to live the day and not to think about tomorrow. That sounds so cheesy now, but if the words just take as they are, it’s really something nice.

We were with the family and I just enjoyed the moments without having my phone or the camera constantly with me. Practically, it was a half digital detox, at least from the blog. But it did me good. I am full of energy now and feel like implementing new projects.


recap serbia.

Now I am back, with a few kilos more on the ribs, as it tasted too good at the kitchen talks. But on vacation, you should let it go well and that includes great food. But now I’m back in the keys and focus on the blog. So look forward to what’s waiting for you.

ciao, Cherifa