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One day of heaven – after all the effort and stress of relaunching, I long for relaxation and a day just for myself. Rest, relaxed muscles and a free head. Anyone who knows me knows that I need a certain level of stress to work better, but in between we all need a bit of balm for our souls. To come down again and listen only to its inner can move mountins. But what is it that brings us back to inner peace in a stressful time?
A day just for yourself – it means letting go, focusing on your own body and really relaxing.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s often difficult to shut down. Really keep your fingers off the phone, not to check emails or be constantly reachable. But in order to come back to ourselves, we need exactly that! One day without a Macbook and without a phone – but how do we spend this day? I spent it in the spa of Dorint Park Hotel Bremen.

To enjoy a day full of relaxation, I first had to come to myself. A little break only with myself was the perfect start. For that, I retreated to one of the spa’s wellness suites. In my suite I had a hot tub and steam room at my sole disposal. I enjoyed a cool glass of water while sitting in the bubbling water of the hot tub. Later I read a book and let my muscles relax completely in the steam bath.

After this soothing start I set off to discover the whole spa. In addition to two saunas and two more steam rooms, I was particularly looking forward to the heated outdoor pool. My kind of relaxation also includes a little physical activities. After I had exhausted myself with the counter-swimming system, I fell asleep with a magazine in my arm in the rest room.

Two hours later I continued – the first sauna session. The feeling of absolutely relaxed muscles is a blessing – complete relaxation. But the sauna needs always a contradiction. And the Spa’rks offers a great opportunity. No cold shower to get our blood circulation going, but an ice grotto. At minus degrees, the blood circulation really gets going.

After a stay in the Turkish crystal steam bath, I ended my day in the whirlpool – smooth, relaxed and completely in harmony with myself. This day has shown me how important it is to listen to his body and to treat yourself after a stressful phase. A day of relaxation is possible by the day entry at Park Hotel Bremen beginning from 25 euros for everyone and is thus my way out in stressful times. Because this was definitely not the last day I need only for myself …

xo Cherifa

*in lovely cooperation with Dorint Park Hotel Bremen