pink street style




all pink street style for skipping rainy days.

what i wear

The raindrops knock on the window, it’s gray and it feels uncomfortable outside. So we need something that brings us better thoughts. And what helps for rainy weather? A little bit color, for the right kick of energy! We need something exciting for our tired eyes. Something that makes us think back of summer – all pink street style for skipping rainy days.

As the first leaves fall we emit a fresh hue, the remaining summer glow.

Are there any taboos in an all ink street style?

And if color then we need a boom! So I did not came across the neon pink garments that smiled at me out of the closet. All pink street styles are a real eye-catcher in late summer.

enter my dark side

Not really! At first I thought that the pink shades must be exactly the same, but slight variations are definitely allowed. Look closely, I wear three different tones, but it is hardly noticeable. What do you say? Ready for a few stains in the year?

xx, Cherifa