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velvet pants - dear winter you have to go away.

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Cuddly, warm winter looks are just what i like. If these still consist of an oversize sweater and velvet pants, I’m blown away! Once combined in an all-over look, it can hardly be better. Dear oversize sweater and velvet pants i’m truly in love with you. But there is this one thing! Winter it’s time for you to go away.

As much as I love spending the day cuddled in my favorite clothes, it’s enough. I’m tired of cold temperatures and frozen windshields. I want to finally hear chirping birds and feel warm sunshine again. If I look at the weather app, this will probably only remain a dream.

velvet is up.

That’s why I revisit this incredibly beautiful version and show you this look. Are you also such velvet fans?

That’s why I have another nice styling combination for these cold days. We’ve seen velvet this season in all its variations, but as pants no every often.

xo, Cherifa