onesie - casualness on a high level.

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While writing this post, I actually have to laugh all the time! Because there he is finally, the onesie, which each of you would rather have left in the store. But short story: Before three or four weeks I was in the locker room of Zara and have given via a little insight into my shopping tour via Instagram Stories .

Also this wonderful onesie fell into my hands and I asked you by vote – take or toss! Why do I have to laugh so much? Actually everyone voted for toss! There was not one who loved this one piece like me. I even got messages that I definitely should not buy it.


That’s what fashion is all about finding your own style and your own way of living it out. And now it is my dearest companion! Because the onesie is more than comfortable, super light and incredibly casual. Just the right thing for a relaxing day at home or for the next shopping tour!

But that is the most beautiful thing about the own style, it is our own and even if your opinion is always important to me, I have decided to buy the onesie. And that’s because I’m just in love and blown away.

oh dear onesie...

Well, and despite that it did not like anyone, I’d like to introduce you to my love in combination with cool high top sneakers to convince you otherwise. Maybe I succeeded?


love, Cherifa