Natural Beauty - no make up make up!

natural beauty

In hot temperatures, we like to abstain from heavy foundations. Who wants to hide his skin under layers of make-up and do it without the wonderful feeling of sunbeams on his face? We rely on natural beauty and use only two products for a natural look.

The mascara helps to make my already long eyelashes fuller and the eyeliner gives the right momentum to underline the eye shape. In addition I carry my voluminous lion mane, because that definitely belongs to a natural beauty look. And to give them the right momentum, the perfect conditioner is responsible.

Do you prefer a natural look or do you feel better with an extravagant make-up?

The older I get, the more my views and attitudes change. In the past, I value a perfect look, no matter what the temperature was! Today is about feeling good and being myself. For special occasions, I appreciate an extravagant make-up, but for everyday life I like it simple and clean. I rely on my natural facial features and only strengthen my eye area. All I use is a well pigmented mascara and a liquid eyeliner with a fine tip.

xx, Cherifa