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my jewel for eternity - timelessness with Atelier S.


Timelessness – a word that conveys constancy. A word that doesn’t fit fast-paced trends. A word that accompanies you on the journey of life. Timeless things, survive decades, they impress you again and again and are always up to date with their classic design. In the time of fast fashion, we often forget to stick to important values. There are always new possibilities that make us forget the value of these things. But isn’t it important to value and think in a sustainable way?

luxurious elegance

To appreciate a thing over years and above all to love it is something that everyone desires. For special occasions we choose jewelry for eternity. But why only on special occasions? Life and you should be reason enough. A jewel just for yourself. A special design that suits you and complements you – especially like the jewels of Sandra Simon and her label Atelier S. A collection connected to nature and the influence of sensuality, energy and lightness. Luxurious jewelry made of organic shapes and mysterious colors that are lovingly handcrafted.

less is more

a beautiful proverb, which we should take to heart more often.
We don’t need much to be happy, just the right things. Why do we should have a dresser full of jewelery, which we have chosen half-heartedly, if we can own this one particular piece of jewelry. This one piece of jewelry, which is timeless, which fulfills us one hundred percent and which accompanies us in life.

Over the past year, I have changed and pursued different goals – I want to be thoughtful and invest in things that I really value. So what is my timeless jewel?
Love at the first sight – the Tofino collection. A shark tooth that has been elegantly adapted to a modern eye-catcher. Made of 18 kt rose or white gold shark tooth is set with diamonds and embodies a very special moment for me.

I was eighth year old and I traveled for the first time to another continent. I traveled to see the enchanting landscapes of Thailand and was allowed to enjoy a unique moment. I swam in the open sea and in the distance something big came up to me. But neither panic or fear came over me, rather I felt a sense of balance. To my astonishment, a full-grown bull shark swam by and shaped this trip with a unique experience. Even today I am grateful for this moment in my life. Who can blame me that the Tofino necklace conquering my heart. An accessory like made to me and that moment. Sustainability and durability defined in a piece of jewelry – my jewel for eternity.

You are looking also for your jewelry for life? Then check out my Instagram channel and win your personal jewelry from Sandra Simon, because that leaves you with something timeless forever …

xo Cherifa

*in lovely cooperation with Atelier S.