hide and seek



let's play hide and seek - cacak part II.


Let’s play hide and seek – here in Serbia I try to do some kind of hide and seek. Why? After all, as a blogger on vacation, it’s not so easy to really go on vacation. My thoughts revolve around taking pictures, putting posts online on time and keeping everything running. Does that sound like vacation? Not really! 

Probably it would have been smart to plan the days on holiday completely before leaving, but here are also just great pictures and great stories. I do not want to include you either. But anyway, I have earned a little holiday, right?

The last few months have been incredibly exhausting and break forces, so I need a little break to get off, relax and unwind.

Blogging is my passion, so it is not difficult for me to integrate it into my holiday routine, but every person needs a break.

The motto is hide and seek – I play a little hiding and only let myself be seen in the most necessary cases. I try to keep you up to date, but only so that I have enough fun on vacation without getting it to work.

hide and seek.

A good compromise right? Take a snapshot on Instagram, a spontaneous shoot for an incredibly beautiful location or an Instagram story because I’m just love the moment. And if there is one day without a little sign of me booked it under hide and seek. But I can not hide forever, so be curious what else is coming from the holidays.

ciao, Cherifa