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How to style socks in autumn - style guide.

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We couldn’t have a better autumn – the leaves fall in beautiful colors, the sun is shining and the temperatures are over 20 degrees. Definitely a golden October and for great styling, the best time of the year. We pack the summer clothes back in the closet and exchange them for cuddly sweaters and light autumn coats. But now it comes to the clou – this autumn, our socks will be a true styling highlight – how to style socks in autumn.

Socks are a perfect autumn accessory that can be combined with playfulness and there are the right eye-catching socks for every shoes.

Socken sind ein perfektes Herbstaccessoire, mit dem spielerisch kombinieren kann und es gibt für jeden Schuh die passende Hingucker-Socke.

With fluffy loafers and cuddly socks we can start the next autumn walk.

laofer and socks.

As the sun keeps the temperatures high, we can continue to wear loafers. But now we combine them with half-high socks in warm beige tones. It is important that the socks harmonize with the color of the loafer, otherwise the outfit looks too confused and makes the foot look very long.

Of course you can wear this combination in the office everyday with a suit, but I like it sporty and grab the ripped jeans. #sneakerandsocksforbeingacoolkid

sneaker and socks.

The good old sneaker and socks combination is up to date again in autumn. But we put on a lot of color and magical patterns this season. I prefer wearing plain white sneakers, so that the socks come out really great.

Just a huge oversize sweater and a simple coat and we have a perfect autumn look, with which we can enjoy the great weather or a coffee.


How to style socks in autumn? How to style over knee socks in autumn! I’m a big fan of overknee socks in the winter, because there’s nothing cuddlier and, above all, no cozier! Either cool boots or slippers make the look perfect.

how to style socks

Fine socks with silver, metal threads in plain mules are the way out! It is extravagant, sexy and the all eyes in the evening are guaranteed. In addition a black cycling pants and a cuddly sweater. If it’s time to dance, swap the pullover for a silk blouse. And convinced? Ready for how to style socks in autumn?

xx, Cherifa

heels and socks.

These were three everyday looks, but how do we combine socks for the evening or the next night of dancing? Socks do not fit to dance? Wrong thought, the simple and noble variant of the sock makes something already.