fünf dinge




Five things, which makes me happy.


In everyday life, it is also important to do things that make you really happy. I do not mean to quit your job and become a princess. Not the normal madness, but the little things that give your day a small but fine flight. When I think about it, there are a lot of things that make my heart beat faster in everyday life. And if you often remember that even little things can make your day, I would like to share my five things that make me really happy with you.

onion meat bun.

Guilty! I know for the vegans among us this confession must be bad now, but I stand by my addiction! I love onion meat bread rolls and every day that starts with one can only be great. Important! A lot of onions are included and they do not stop me from really enjoying the bun.

Sundays that feel like holidays

Just yesterday I had such a Sunday. I did not drive far away and was at a fantastic little harbor outside of Bremen. I sat in the sun, ate a fresh salad and looked at the shine water. Gorgeous, right? It felt like I was somewhere else for a moment. Together with my favorite human I spent almost the whole day there and felt just as relaxed as after a week of holiday.

The mouse click to luck

Almost as much as I love traveling, I love the mouse click with which I confirm the next trip! The anticipation is there, the desire to see the distance and in my mind I’m already looking for looks for a dinner date in the evening. A short heart jump and anticipation are guaranteed.

Wine in the evening.

No, of course I am not an alcoholic but a nice glass of wine in the evening with my sweetheart is worth gold. Nice talks and a fruity Sauvignon Blanc at late summer temperatures is definitely something good.

The speed dial key one.

Yes, who is on my speed dial key 1, of course, remains

a secret! But the nocturnal face-time conversations full

of belly-pounding laughter and profound conversations

let end every day in a happy way.

xx, Cherifa