five facts about me - enter my secrets.


#curlsallover has changed – now it’s not just about fashion tips, it’s getting more profound, personal and honest. You should get to know and understand the person behind this blog. If I had to describe myself, I’m single-minded, I can hardly satisfy myself and I’m always having fun. But I’m also fragile and very emotional with my own personal quirks. But this will not be a contribution in which I describe myself, but I’ll tell you five facts about me, which will give you an insight into my personality. And to make it really exciting, I dig deep in the mystery box. I can promise one fact definitely only a few people know about me …
Ready for a few insights?

first fact

I am 26 years old and wear a dental brace – now it’s out! To be honest, it has long been a topic I’ve been thinking about, because as an adult going through life with a retainer isn’t something you want. But teeth are really important to me, they exude care and health – and I always pay attention to smiles first. Granted my teeth are not incredibly wrong, but I think it’s an investment in the future! Beautiful teeth until old age.
But now you’re wondering why you haven’t seen the retainer yet? I’m wearing an Invisiline brace and she’s not really flashy, but I’ll lisple a bit when I wear her.

second fact

This is probably my biggest tick! Before I take shower gel or shampoo in the shower, I have to rinse it with water – why do I do that? I imagine bacteria lurking on the damp bottles. Do not worry my bathroom isn’t unhygienic, but I will not let go of this tick. Do I know that it is crazy? Probably already, but I should also love my quirks.

third fact

I’m completely in love with my mini – don’t worry it’s not about the status symbol, but what it embodies. My black car is my first car and I love the freedom that it gives me. When I walk to the parking lot I rejoice every day over my #minibae. Of course it looks great, but I love it because it makes me independent, because I experience adventures with it and because I’ve worked it out for myself. Sounds a bit own, but who has seen my joy dance at the delivery, knows what it means to me – #freedom.

fourth fact

My favorite human being is my eight year old sister – she is 18 years younger than me and yet we are one heart and one soul! She is like me, just a little bit more bullish and that’s why I like her so much! She is a strong little girl who knows what she wants. Funny like no other and I love her from the depths of my heart.

fifth fact

I’m tattooed – yes, because my year 2018 started with a visit to a tattoo artist. And not with anyone, but with Jakub Nowicz! I really got an appointment with him and I am more than happy about it. What I got tattooed? A simple, clean lettering on my left ribs – create.
The word stands for two things – create the person you want to be and create the life you want to lead. Timeless, simple and always suitable.