less is more





first time serbia - cacak edition part I.

what i wear

Less is more. To have less means not to be less happy. On my journeys so far, one thing keeps me aware. We have so much and complain anyway. Here in Serbia, people have much less than we do, but are they unhappy? By no means, here everything is shared, the get-together appreciated and hospitality capitalized.

This is my first time here in Cacak, a smaller town in Serbia and it is really beautiful. The weather is awesome, we had about 30 degrees almost every day and we explore the city almost entirely on foot. I imagined the former Yugoslav countries in a different way, much lower. Probably because I traveled early in Thailand and got to know real poverty. 

People do not have much but share everything. It is a nice get-together, of course I am here with the family, but also the actual mood is great. The people are very friendly, very familiar and above all they are always together.

first impressions.

But it is really nice here, although there is also poverty, but still the landscape is incredibly beautiful and the small self-built cottage. My first impression is – less is more doses’t mean life is less.

I am looking forward to the next days and report how the journey is developing. Also you can visit my Instagram story, where you can experience everything close up… 

ciao, Cherifa