what i wear

Expectations – I always set my own ones very high. Why? I think every person should always try to be the best version of himself. Goals and expectations are relevant for your own personality. And if we want a life full of happiness and success, we should not be satisfied with less. It does not mean that we can never fail or change goals due to circumstances, but you should do the best out of every situation and every task. Words that are simply said, but if you look closer they agree.

Both are absolute full-time jobs – and that’s where the difficulty is. To reconcile both tasks is … I would call it demanding. A challenge that I can do, but it isn’t that simply. The blog is my baby and I always give everything! And despite the limited time I don’t want to lower my expectations for the coming time.

Speaking of my expectations, the areas I am more passionate about and certainly have more commitment than others. But shouldn’t that be alright? I think so, because the things we show passion for are those that mean a lot to us and are important to us. Things we are ready to fight for – and I do! Right now my time is packed up to the last minute. I study my master thesis and spend most of the day at the university. And then there’s the blog – my heart project – the project that I care more about than anything else, for which I raise my expectations and goals.

The university is important, it is important to me, but blogging is it too. The time for myself is completely in background, but for a few weeks you can do that already. In that case, I think I’m doing the study and the blog for myself, so I can’t put it back. At the moment I am tired and broken, but if I write a blog post or edit a picture, the effort seems to go away – because that’s what I love. 


But my expectations put me under pressure. What do I do about it? Clench my teeth and look forward to the semester break. Because then I have time for my baby! Do you know this struggle?

love, Cherifa