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be colorful - make up inspiration | beauty edition x Niche Beauty.


Outside the icy wind whistles, the snowflakes adorn the sky, but that is no reason to go into the beauty winter break. The new year has just begun and we feel for something new. Triste views are enough for us at this time of the year so we decided to go for colors this upcoming spring. But no flattering, soft pastels, we want a color explosion. It should pop and give the perfect touch of freshness. After the holidays we leave glitter and metallic tones behind and put on some colors of the summer.

The basis of the make-up is the Anti-Wrinkle Serum Foundation, which gives a smooth complexion with its soft texture. To give the face a little more shape, I applied a light contouring with the Wrinkle Control Sculpting Duo Powder. Light and discreet, it gives our face more beautiful features, but it should only be used lightly so that we can wear the make-up look even during the day.

Now let’s look at the highlight of the look. With the Eye Designer palette we have both colors in one and can thus start with a fine eye shadow brush. We apply the violet tone under the lower eyelash line and pay attention to a narrow course.

Be colorful – my beauty trend for spring. With a deep purple and a warm orange, I start the first make-up inspiration for spring. Two rich colors that form a harmonious connection. The tones are strong, but by the discreet use of these colors a perfect mix of elegance and an eye-catcher. The highlight in this make-up look, we skillfully put on the two colors on the eyes and support it with a soft red on the lips.

We should always resort to products that do something good to our skin at the change of seasons, I have opted for a complete look by byTerry. In addition to the high color fastness, the products have a great nourishing effect and give our skin all the minerals that it needs at the beginning of spring. At Niche Beauty, I put together my favorite selection of byTerry products and created this look as spring inspiration.

Next, we’ll focus on the upper eyelid and begin with a bright orange tone on the inner eye, brushing it to the middle of the song and switching to a dark orange tone. In order to achieve a nice course we blend the two orange tones with a wider brush. To emphasize the eyes a little bit, I brushed the eyelashes with the Growth Booster Mascara.
Finally, we round off the look with a delicate red tone on the lips. For this I dabbed the Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge in the color Berry Boom lightly on the lips and blindfolded with a brush. Already we are perfectly prepared for the coming spring – be colorful in spring and to start with the right make-up, today you can win a byTerry prize package on Instagram. So drop by …

xo Cherifa

*in lovely cooperation with Niche Beauty