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animal print - leo girl for big city jungle.

what i wear

Who does not know this – the urban city jungle! Life is raging, it is colorful and we love diversity. Whenever I think about this topic, I get in the mood for patterns, prints and variety. Of course we love the looks with classic jeans and an oversized sweater. But sometimes it has to be a little bit more – more then the usual everyday stuff.

It is autumn and I feel well in warm tones. Mustard yellow is currently very popular and that’s why I make my look that way. Since leo print fits perfectly into the color scheme, the full colors harmonize perfectly.

In the city, we often have the feeling that we could allow yourselves more specials combinations and to match the jungle theme, today I am becoming a small city cat! Not because I’m bitchy, but because I get the animal print into everyday life.

Basically, a simple combination that guarantees a real eye-catcher moment and with the falling leaves to the bet. And what should not be missing for the right touch of urban jungle? An oversized pair of sunglasses brings the ideal dose of coolness.

xx, Cherifa