all i need is silence and nature - flower over flowers. 

what i wear

I’m listening to the rustling of the colorful flowers, hearing soft birds singing and looking into the deep green leaves of the trees. I’m feeling the grass under my body and finally feel the silence – all i need is silence and nature.

time for yourself isn’t bad self love.

I want to enjoy the silence for myself – close my eyes and forget about everyone around me. Just be with me and all of my thoughts, take a deep breath and let it go. If I can`t do one thing, it will coming down. I can relax incredibly hard, but it helps me unbelievably under rustling treetops. Closing my eyes and breathing deeply into myself.

For five minutes of silence, without a vibrating smartphone, without the sound of an incoming mail or the pressure to quickly complete another project, I would just give a lot. That’s why I’m trying to shovel this time – these five minutes – at least on the weekend.

but after silence always back to work

Even if I was there for an hour calm down and relaxed that day, I could not use this beautiful backdrop of flowers and trees for my pictures. After all, it looks like a fairytale in this park. All I need is silence and then take picture to be happy. Sounds stupid, but yes taking pictures, makes me actually happy – after all, it’s what I love. And then came these pictures – full of life, serenity and nature

enter my dark side

xx, Cherifa