5 letters - time to say thank you.


I start again – I start a new section with curls all over, but I don’t want to forget the past. A new beginning always means an end to something, but that doesn’t have to mean anything bad. The last two years have been a nice and very educational time.

I have experienced great moments, met wonderful people and implemented special projects. If I think back in time, it conjures a smile on my face. I’m overjoyed to have decided to go with an own blog and don’t regret this opinion for a minute.

These wonderful moments are forever in my mind and because I am so grateful for the experiences, I would like to say thank you today.
To thank a person is something personal. Something that should come from the bottom of my heart. But since the people who supported me and my blog and believed in me are scattered all over the world, I need a nice alternative to a personal conversation.
A handwritten letter autographic with a noble fountain pen by Faber Castell expressing my gratitude. Personal words for the people who made my blog what it is today. People who supported me, who saw something in me and were always there for me.

Time to say thank you.

first letter.

One of the most beautiful cooperations of the last year. With Falke, I haven’t only find a long-term cooperation partner, but a favorite brand as a companion. In the collaboration, I was able to develop freely and created beautiful content, such as this article. I was able to give free run to my creativity and implement great editorials with fantastically beautiful products. In my handwritten letter to the girls from Falke, I thank you for the great support, the joint implementation of projects and the enchanting people that I got to know. A special thanks to the Falke team for the fantastic visit of the Falke HQ.
Thanks for the great time and I’m looking forward to the year 2018 with you.

second letter.

Salut Communications.
Everyone needs a Mary-Ellen Rudloff because that person mixes up my life in a way that no one else could. Mary leads the agency Salut Communications, which supports people and companies in matters of strategic communication.

She is my anchor and helps me through all the times that my blog goes through. Whether downs or heights, she is by my side and supports me with her incredible competence.
With my fountain pen I wrote words of gratitude and respect, as she cheers me when I need it and is always good for fun. Thank you for existing. This blog wouldn’t be the same without you.

third letter.

Jenny from Fashionindividual is my shooting partner, my home-office companion, and isn’t afraid to tell me the truth. Shooting is one of the biggest parts of blogging and I spend it most of the time with Jenny. When taking pictures, we swim on the same wave and understand each other blindly. She supports me in all projects and always tells me the truth.

Something that doesn’t happen frequently in the blogger scene. I’m grateful that she is ready for all outrages and spells me a bellyache-lending laugh over and over again. I wrote her how much I appreciate her and of course a few secret insiders who describe the last year.

fourth letter.

The dear Jana from bekleidet definitely deserves a letter because she brought a person into my life who changed it – and that’s the dear Mary.
One and a half years ago, I met both of them at a Salut Communications workshop, which I previously won on Jana’s blog. Whether coincidence or not, Jana chose me as the winner and from then on everything changed. But not only for that I thanked in my letter itself, also for the funny train ride after the workshop. Because in good conversation deepened we sat in the wrong train and a stupid coincidence became a nice evening. All I want to say is – Thank you.

fifth letter

It is clear that the blog has a lot to do with customers and other bloggers. They have all earned their heartfelt thanks, but there is more – my family. They support me, they believe in me and they are enthusiastic about every single contribution. But a human deserves more than just thanks. My little sister – at the age of eight, she gives me more strength, love and support than any other person could. She loves me unconditionally and is my rock in the surf. You and me against the rest of the world. What’s in her letter? I only say one word – love.

*in lovely cooperation with Faber Castell