who I am - the change.

what i wear

curls all over is grown up now – I have changed, grown up and lived through a continuous development. Last year was a turnaround in my life and made me what I am today. A young woman who has a different view of things – who I am.
My values ​​and ideas have changed, but that doesn’t mean anything bad. I want to be more attentive to my tasks and be myself. Do not let me steer, but make my own decisions.

Knowing who you want to be and what kind of life you want to live is a process that makes you exactly that person. Growing up helped me to find myself and develop my own style. Not only I have grown up, the blog did the same. Curls all over is no longer just about styling tips, now it’s more about a platform that is characterized by an expressive visual language and high-quality content. Away from fast fashion, the blog evolves into a conscious fashion experience focused on high quality and sustainability. My love for fashion and art creates this space for my adventures in life attend by fashion, beauty and wonderful things that life opens up. With a continuous evolution of my work, the blog focuses on high quality of photography and high class content.
Enter the new experience …

Lookbook by Sebastian Budde | budde media.