Welcome to 10 vacation facts about me

1. Being a food lover
On holiday I can’t pass any delicious food! All day long only fresh juices, fruits and for dinner a delicious salad? Wrong indication! On holiday, in my opinion, can be slurred. If I get hungry for a cheesecake at five o’clock at night I’ll give it a go. Back home is still enough time to make a diet! Food is pure life-love and can make the holiday only more fantastic.

2. beach or sightseeing?
A holiday without beach wouldn’t be real holiday. But a vacation without adventure and culture is also not! I could never go on vacation and spend every day at the beach. After all, I would like to get to know the country, the culture and the people. It’s about the change – I prefer a mix of relaxation and new adventures.

3. sleeping makes you happy
In everyday life we are usually stressful and don’t get enough sleep – if I think about it – normally I sleep an average of six hours. No good, so on vacation I love to sleep impertinently long and to start into the day relaxed.

4. you never get a sun burn.
True – I’ve never had one! But also I becomes naturally darker in the sun and don’t give up sun protection.

5. enjoy your day and every moment
I enjoy discovering new places in the world and love to feel the moments! On vacation, I always try to do everything new and maybe do something that I would never do otherwise! Whether it’s extraordinary food, a sports activity or a crazy adventure – think outside the box!

6. keep up your blog work
Should holiday not be holiday? Relaxation without work? True! That is why I have already prepared a lot before the trip. But the blogging is not just work but also great fun! Taking pictures, sharing my adventures and being with my community – and like this the work is going to be fun.

7. party hard!
At home I am probably not the biggest party girl , but on holiday – party hard! The weather is good, the mood is great and I like to dance! And the clubs here in Singapore are just great!

8. read a book
I am really rare to read, but on holiday a book is a must-have! I just can’t stop reading at the beach! The sun is shining on my belly and I love being relaxed.

9. journey struggle
Am I the only person in the world which sits on a plane and gets unclean skin immediately? I feel like if I only enter an airport my face does what it wants! Ok for sure only on long term flights, but it’s so annoying anyway! Is this normal?

10. feeling happy and blessed
The most important fact is that I am happy to see so much places of the world! I travel since my earliest childhood and am so grateful for every single moment. Traveling makes me become a better person – I have seen poverty, much luxury and beautiful place. All things that have shaped me very much and changed my worldview – the world a place that can be so wonderful.

what are you 10 vacations facts ?

Love, curls