Stay-ups for dancing trough the wedding season.

what i wear

Summer is just around the corner and spring fever is awake – and the wedding season is upon us. Butterflies in the stomach and we are ready to celebrate the love. Anyone who thinks I’m the bride is wrong, but I’ll tell you today what trick will gives us the perfect look for the upcoming wedding party – stay ups for dancing trough the wedding season.

It’s time to celebrate the most beautiful feeling in the world and this season I am fully engaged. Of course, I am not a bride myself, but definitely an excited guest, who will be dancing at a few wedding parties this year. But as much as we look forward to such moments, after all, our dearest people enter into a covenant for life and confess their love to their soulmate, the question always remains – what do I wear? And which look is perfect to dance the whole evening?

Finding the perfect dress is not that easy. We don’t want to steal the bride’s show, it should be elegant but not overbearing, and above all, we need to feel comfortable in it for a whole evening. 

The wedding season is about celebrating a special occasion. And on special occasions we get the best out of our looks. Therefore I can’t do without stay-ups under my dress. They flatter my legs, give me a beautiful glow on the skin and make them look delicate. 

Elegant, extravagant and comfortable at the same time is a challenge that we all probably know. Once we have found a dress, picked a suitable shoe, only one thing is missing – the perfect stay-ups.

stay-ups and happy.

The playful lace gives femininity and a sense of sensuality, just the right emotional position that will need for such a celebration. Matching my dress in white with black accents, I combine the Falke Invisible Deluxe stay-ups to complete the combination.

With delicately shining legs I will dance through the beautiful wedding season. Are you also invited to a celebration this year or are you even the bride? As a little tip, the Stay Ups are also available with white lace. Cheers on many dancing nights.

xx, Cherifa