The world isn’t just black and white – there are colors that shine in all shades. But sometimes I long for the basics. After simple decisions with yes or no answers – just like this classic combination – black and white.

Of course, we should see things in all their beauty and not just go through the world with black and white thoughts. But sometimes I only wish for left or right, black or white, yes or no! At the moment, I am in a phase of change. Some things should change, I want to develop myself and create something new. The change has not only to do with my blog but also with me. It should reflect my current person. What the change will bring you can read on Sunday. So be curious.

But why then the desire for simple decisions? Changes are also always decisions. I want to find the right ones for me, but these aren’t always black and white. I try to keep them as simple as possible, but I long for minimalism.

How the feelings influence us, I always notice. If life is turbulent, I like to go with a classic combination – black and white. So I can still my desire for simplicity and get the decisions all by myself.

Love. curls.

pants – Zara || similar here

vest – Marie Lund || similar here

pumps – Pedro || here

bag – Fendi || here